Shoreline Roofing Specialists

We have over 20 years of experience right here in Shoreline, WA. While many things remain the same for roofers across the country, here are some of the areas that make us the experts of Roofing in Shoreline, WA (Edmonds and Seattle are also similar micro-climates):

While any good roofer can rip out an old roof and replace it with a new one, part of our specialty skills come from being able to repair some roofs (we won’t promise that all roofs can be repaired and we will tell you if your roof is a goner). Here are some notable things that happen to roofs in Shoreline that we may be able to repair:

  • Moss Damage – good owner maintainence of a roof in the area is key.  Moss can form on many roofs in Washington.  The micro-climates of Shoreline, Edmonds, and some areas of Seattle lend themselves to lots of moss growth.  Depending on the slope of your roof it may or may not be safe to clean the moss off yourself.  Hiring someone to do this on an annual basis is recommended.  If you’ve let it go too far this will cause damage to your roof from too much moisture pooling around areas of the moss.  In some situations we can come in and repair areas of damage. (not always).  Its worth contacting us to see if we can be of help.
  • Pine Needle Parties (and other Coniferous Needles) – Other areas get pine needles, but here the combination of moisture and pine needles can create dams and pools in your roof the need to be cleaned to avoid long term damage.
  • Squirrels – maybe this is just my house, but we’ve got some crazy squirrels in this area. You would think concrete would make a better spot to bust open nuts, but evidently roofs are more convenient for popping open good nuts.  This can hurt your roof.  They’re cute little buggers but if only I could install an automated machinegun turret on my roof! Ok, ok… consider other deterant methods for squirrels on your roof.  Potential repair options: replacement of individual or a few shingles (etc.).

We hope you’ve enjoyed this entertaining but accurate summary of some of the things that make us experts in Shoreline.